Real Truffle
Genuine Flavour

Our truffle salt is made from 100% Australian ingredients with no artificial flavours or additives.

We only use two ingredients:

• Fresh Black Truffle (tuber melanosporum)  
 ➝ From our two family farms in Pemberton, WA
• Pyramid Flake Sea Salt
 ➝ From the unpolluted ancestral seabeds of the Loddon Plains, VIC

Made with love from our family to yours.

"When knowledge , experience and quality count you can trust Farm Fresh Truffles with exceptional produce grown in a pristine location" - Peter
Seriously, how good do we have it in the South West? The availability of quality ingredients is outstanding....and here is another!! - Jamie

Our story

We're two truffle farming families living in the Pemberton region. Together we have over 2000 trees, a mix of Hazelnut and Oaks, planted approximately 12 years ago.

We were disappointed by how many truffle based products used an artificial truffle essence to produce the distinctive aroma. So we decided to start making our Farm Fresh Truffle Salt to show people the real flavour of genuine black truffle.

We hope you enjoy our truffle salt!


Tom, Elke, Nigel & Cathy

Update Jan 2024: It's the off-season for fresh truffles at the moment but we have plenty of freshly-made truffle salt available from our online shop!

Our employees

Fully qualified truffle snuffling dogs


Age 10

Our first truffle dog -he's now an old hand at the job having overseen our truffle hunts from day 1. He's looking forward to retirement soon. Loves swimming, dinnertime and a good back rub.


Age 3

After an initial rebellious streak she's showing herself to be a rising star with a natural talent for truffle hunting. Loves attention, belly scratches and doing burnouts around the house.


Age 11

“The Pioneer”. Our first truffle dog, highly intelligent, highly sensitive, very neurotic but a fantastic hunter. Fast and efficient whilst conserving her energy, still going strong at the end of the day. Will always have “legend” status in our eyes.


Age 8

“The Blonde One”. Polly came to us as a re-homer at 12 months old. A little “Ditsy”, loves a pat and a cuddle. A good solid truffle dog, works very systematically but only at her own pace, which we would call “second gear” all day, often referred to as “The Slug”. Love her to bits.


Age 4

“The New Kid". Frankie is the super charged one, beautiful nature and a total stunner! She has done a great job learning the ropes in her first two years and this year has gone to a new level, eyeing off the “Number 1” dog title, as Inca gracefully moves towards retirement. Go Frankie